Vintage Style

Although period costume is not mandatory, guests at the Jazz Age Sunday Social are encouraged to wear vintage style to the event. It adds to the experience – nothing contributes to getting into the spirit quite like the proper garb! Here are a few tips and local dealers to help you look your best – and keep in mind that you don’t need to wear authentic 1920s clothing to accomplish the look. All great styles come full circle, and there are often fantastic pieces from the 1960s, 1980s and the present day that can work quite well.

Antique Elegance Show – The Antique Elegance Show is a two-day antique show, and an excellent place to pick up some garb for the Sunday Social. Vendors will be selling clothing, shoes, hats, and accessories all at a reasonable price. Lots of other fun things, too! February 17th and 18th at the Addison Conference Centre.

Vintage Martini – This local shop offers period pieces (great for inspiration), as well as modern options to capture the look. All eras from the early 1800s to this year’s runway couture are represented, so finding a sleek, Art Deco silhouette should be a breeze.

Dolly Python – Specializing in all sorts of fascinating ephemera, this shop also boasts a great vintage clothing section. This is a great source for men’s clothing, too – and have a look around the remainder of the shop for all sorts of fun accessories.

Curiosities – One of the most eclectic collections of antiques and treasures you’ll find in Dallas. While Curiosities does carry some vintage clothing, you’ll find a wealth of vintage and costume jewelry and accessories to complete your fabulous look.

Get crafty. Follow steps on to create a swank pair of your own dance shoes true to Twenties style.

Shoe Customizing Tutorial

While American Duchess suggests a particular brand of shoe, this technique can be used with any brand of leather shoes, old or new. White satin shoes can be tea stained or painted with thinned down acrylic paint without any kind of preparation.

Some other great resources specifically for retro looking dance shoes are and Capezio.

Last word, if you intend to dance, you want slide and plenty of it. If you purchase shoes with rubber, crepe or gripping soles you will have a very difficult time on the dance floor and may possibly even twist an ankle or torque a knee. Look for hard leather, suede or a synthetic sole with glide OR plan to get those sticky things resoled at the cobbler!