Food and Drink


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Think of the Jazz Age Sunday Social as a picnic on a grand scale, complete with live music and antique automobiles. We encourage everyone to pack a picnic lunch from home, or pick up a little something on the way to the park. Make sure you pack a blanket or a couple of folding chairs to make sure you’ve got a great seat!

Pressed for time? We’ve got you covered!

Easy Slider Truck

Easy Slider Truck will be returning, serving gourmet sliders featuring fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. Bread is made fresh every day and they use only the freshest Farmer’s Market produce. We’ll make sure you don’t go hungry!


Wild About Harry’s¬†returns this year! What could be more authentic than delicious custard? Since 1996, Wild About Harry’s has been a gathering place for every generation, young and old.



Dallas Heritage Village will be serving refreshing and ice-cold drinks in the saloon Рsoft drinks, water, and lemonade will be on hand to relieve your thirst. If you need something to snack on, the popcorn cart will be out in full force!


In true prohibition style, no alcohol is allowed on the grounds.